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How do I "Activate" my account to receive system login and access credentials?

How to activate your account to gain access to SMU email, Self-Service Banner, and other systems requiring SMU login credentials.

Library Login Services

FAQs of logging into the Library Novanet catalog (using barcode and pin), about logging into library databases, ebooks, etc. from off-campus using S-number, etc.

Return to Campus ~ Technology Checklist

Return to Campus ~ Technology Checklist

Acceptable approval for BOE access

List of people who are authorized to approve user access requests for BOE

Account Creation/Modification Form

Account creation or modification form for account types of Faculty, Staff, Reasearch/Teaching Asst, Generic Account, and Network Share Creation.

Authorizing New Users to Login with Domain Account when Working Virtually

This guide shows steps to setup a new user with domain account who is work virtually. Logging in to Laptop. Connecting to VPN. Mapping network drives. Creating profile. Deleting local account.