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Add or Remove Department Drive Access Rights

This is a Service to have rights removed from employees' accounts who are no longer working in your department.


Read more about how to keep your data protected on university and home computers.

Asset Form

Asset Form for the Evergreen Process


Banner Account - Banner 9 Admin Pages (Formerly INB Banner)

Banner 9 Admin Pages is administrative access to Banner. Banner 9 Admin Pages access restricted to employees and faculty who require administrative access to Banner. These SMU employees are in Enrolment Services HR, Finance, Service Centre, Alumni/ Development/ Advancement department. Example of Faculty INB access is for Student Advising. Access to Banner is provided based on authorised request by Department Chair, Manager or other supervisory position and approved by Banner Data Custodians.

Banner Admin Page Support

If you need help with Banner, such as custom script, view, report, database clone, etc., you can submit a support request to Information Systems and Services team.

Broadcast Email to SMU Community

Departments wishing to send out Broadcast Emails to the SMU Community

Business Objects Enterprise (BOE) Access

Business Objects Enterprise (BOE) provides access to Crystal Reports reports distributed internally to academic and administrative departments, faculty and staff within the university.


Campus Announcements

Campus Announcements are found inside of SMUport and faculty or staff can request an announcement to be posted.

Classroom/Lab Issues

Report a computer problem in a Classroom or Lab.

Computer Labs

Saint Mary's has hundreds of general access computers on campus. Member of the Smu community can use these computers to access internet, email, software, and printer services. SMU computer account can be used to log into these computers.

Computer Login Account (s-number)

Students, Faculty and Staff need an s-Number to be able to log onto campus computers, wifi, email and SMUport. See more information here.

Conference Phone Booking

Portable conference phones are available at the Loyola Helpdesk. Advanced notice is required to ensure availability. The following information is required for booking: Date, Time duration, Room and phone extension, Long Distance requirements.


Data Request


EIT Classroom Support

Our Classroom Support Team can help you make the most of the campus based and online audio/visual technology for teaching and learning.

Email Changes

Faculty, Staff & Students have access toMicrosoft Office 365 email and calendar services.

Email List Serve

Email List Serve

Email Tasks & Features

Overview of Tasks and Features of Microsoft Outlook and Calendar with links to Microsoft online resources.

ERP Software Data Sharing Approval

This is for approval from the required ERP Data Stewards, agreeing that data from their functional area based in the integrated ERP system(s) can be shared/connected via batch or interface for purposes of development and testing only.


General Request

If you are unable to find a specific Service in our catalog, this is the place to make general inquiries or to report incidents with computer assets.


Help Me Submit A Service Request!

Use this option to quickly find the right form to report an issue or make a request.


KoFax Licensing and Installation

For NEW Installations and Licensing


Licensed Microsoft Products

Saint Mary's University has site licenses for most Microsoft Products for University Owned/Leased Assets.


MDUU Process Request

Mass Data Update Utility (MDUU) request allows for large records of data to be updated 'en masse'.

Microsoft Teams Request Form


Network/Online Storage

Faculty/Staff and Students have access to online storage space.



Residence Device Network Registration Request

Register a game console or router for residence.

Residence Phone or Cable Problem

If you are experiencing problems with your Residence Phone or the Cable TV connection in your residence room, you can place a service call to our helpdesk through the online request form.


SMU Email Address Name Change Request

To Request a change to your SMU email address name.


SMUapp is an app for your smart phone and tablet to help you stay connected SMU.

SMUPhone Update Request


SMUport is Saint Mary's secure Intranet, where you can access a variety of services and systems in one convenient location.

Software Requests

This Service is for Faculty to Request Software

Submit a Project Idea

If you have an idea for an project that you'd like to submit to the Project Management Office for review and/or consideration, please fill in this brief form to have your idea added to the project pipeline. There is no risk in submitting your idea, as it will only be converted to a project request or an active project once it has been thoroughly evaluated and approved through predetermined approval workflows.


Vena Access

Vena is interactive software used by Financial Services and departmental budget managers for budget creation, maintenance and approval. Access to Vena is provided based on an individual’s role (e.g. budget manager, budget approver, Financial Services budgeting role).

Voicemail Password Reset

Students, staff, and faculty members with phones on campus (office or residence) have access to voicemail services.


Virtual Private Network is available to faculty and staff for accessing network drives from off campus using University Assets or while on wireless on campus.


Website Update

If you need a new website, new page(s) or feature(s) for your website, or any sort of help with website design and development, you can submit a support request to SMU Web team.

Wireless Access

Wireless access is available for anyone who has a SMU computer account or has business on campus and needs to access the internet from their mobile devices.


Zoom License

Request a SMU Zoom License