Wireless Access

Updated Feb. 2023.  See below for Self-Registration to the smu-guest network.

Wireless access is available for anyone who has a SMU computer account or has business on campus and needs to access the internet from their mobile devices.

There are 3 wireless identities to choose to connect to : smu-wifi, eduroam or smu-guest.

Faculty,staff and students will usually connect to smu-wifi.  To connect you need to enter your s# and password credentials.

Eduroam (education roaming) is a wireless service that allows students, staff, and faculty to use their own home institution’s wireless credentials to access wireless network services when visiting any other eduroam affiliated institution without having to set up a guest account.
Once set up and working at Saint Mary's, it will work at any other eduroam member institution in the world!

Any Saint Mary's University student, faculty or staff wishing to use eduroam when travelling should configure their device prior to leaving.
Setup of a device for eduroam follows the normal wireless setup, with the following slight modifications:
Use “eduroam” as the SSID (also known as the network name)
Include in the username field  snumber@smunet.smu.ca  and domain SMU-IDP.smunet.smu.ca when logging into the eduroam service at another affiliated campus. This is required for your device to be successfully recognized. 

Once set up, the eduroam SSID will work on our campus, however Saint Mary's users are encouraged to use the normal smu-wifi network while at SMU, as it is our primary network on campus and does not have any limitations/restrictions applied to guest access network.
If you experience issues while attempting to access wireless service at another institution through the eduroam setup on your device, you need to contact Saint Mary's help desk for assistance. Support services at other eduroam affiliated sites you may visit are not required under the eduroam agreement to provide major support - this is the sole responsibility of the home institution.

smu-guest is the other identity you can select but this is usually only recommended to guest users since it doesn't have as much security settings as either smu-wifi or eduroam.

Click Here for instructions on Self Registering for the smu-guest network.

Self-Registration Instructions


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