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Thank you for your interest in a listserv. Just a few questions to assist with the setup of the list:

1. Let us know the name the listserv ? The lists need to end with a –L … for example… facven-L

2. Will you be the person adding and removing members to the list?

3. Who will be allowed to send emails to the list (the owners and members or only the owners)?

4. Normally the lists are setup to send a confirmation email back to the list member after they sent an email to the list.

This is a security feature to help prevent unsolicited email from getting sent to the list.  In the email is a link they have to click on to acknowledge they did send the email to the list and it is okay for the email to get distributed. Is this okay?



Service ID: 66
Thu 9/27/18 12:58 PM
Tue 3/1/22 9:51 AM