Computer Login Account (s-number)


Computer Accounts (s-Number)

A computer account (s-number, e.g. s0123456) is used to access network drives, SMUport, campus computers, wireless and other services. In addition, faculty, staff and students in a graduate program use the s-number account to access electronic mail services. Your account is generated automatically upon employment or enrolment at the University, but you need to "activate" it before using. To do so, visit the Activate page [link], which outlines the account activation process. Please note that you’ll need to know your Banner Self-Service A-number and PIN in order to activate your s-number account.

Your Account Password: One of the ways in which we help you protect your online information is to make sure your computer account passwords expire every 90 days (whether or not your account is being used). If your password has expired, or you want to change it, visit the Activate page,  (you will need to have your A-number and PIN).

Trouble Logging in?:  If you are having problems accessing your s-number through SMUport, accessing the WIFI or logging onto a campus computer, please follow the link to Reactivate your account.

Request a new account: Beyond each individual's computer account, generic accounts are available for specialized applications or services used in different areas of the university. These accounts can be created by ITSS with approval from the requesting Department Head. To submit a request for a generic account, please fill out the Account Creation/Modification Form, get it signed by your Department Head, and submit it to Help Desk.  

Users of all accounts must adhere to Policy on Information Technology.   


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