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Business Objects Enterprise (BOE) provides access to Crystal Reports reports distributed internally to academic and administrative departments, faculty and staff within the university.

If you need a new website, new page(s) or feature(s) for your website, or any sort of help with website design and development, you can submit a support request to SMU Web team.

Students, Faculty and Staff need an s-Number to be able to log onto campus computers, wifi, email and SMUport. See more information here.

To Request a change to your SMU email address name.

Please complete this brief form to submit your Project Request. A PMO representative will contact you to discuss your request and assist you in developing a business case to be reviewed by the Project Intake committee.


Virtual Private Network is available to faculty and staff for accessing network drives from off campus using University Assets or while on wireless on campus.

Faculty/Staff and Students have access to online storage space.

Researchers can complete and submit this form as the initial first step and starting point in the process to purchase a computer or computer equipment, under $10,000, using research funds.

If you are unable to find a specific Service in our catalog, this is the place to make general inquiries or to report incidents with computer assets.

Saint Mary's has hundreds of general access computers on campus. Member of the Smu community can use these computers to access internet, email, software, and printer services. SMU computer account can be used to log into these computers.

Banner 9 Admin Pages is administrative access to Banner. Banner 9 Admin Pages access restricted to employees and faculty who require administrative access to Banner. These SMU employees are in Enrolment Services HR, Finance, Service Centre, Alumni/ Development/ Advancement department. Example of Faculty INB access is for Student Advising. Access to Banner is provided based on authorised request by Department Chair, Manager or other supervisory position and approved by Banner Data Custodians.

SMUport is Saint Mary's secure Intranet, where you can access a variety of services and systems in one convenient location.

Request for a new and or update to a SharePoint site.

If you require an EIT technical resource for a new or existing project, please submit a request to the Project Management Office for review.

Report a computer problem in a Classroom or Lab.

For NEW Installations and Licensing