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A Fortinet Virtual Private Network allows SMU faculty and staff to connect to the University network from off-campus using University Assets. VPN creates a secure connection and enables the transfer

Single sign on campus VPN

A new version of FortiClient will need to be installed to begin using single sign on process for VPN access. The EIT dept has an updated version of FortiClient that can be automatically installed

How To: Setup SMU VPN (FortiClient) on Android OS

vpn ...   2. Once installed, open the FortiClient app and click the + icon (New VPN) at the bottom of the screen. 3.  Title the VPN as smu, and select the "SSL VPN" option under VPN Type and click

How to: Connect Mac to network drive using VPN

vpn ... Once the user installs FortiClient VPN on the Mac, they can follow this guide to connect to the Network Drives. Open up Finder, and in the top navigation bar, navigate to "Go" >"Connect to

How To: Setup SMU VPN (FortiClient) on Apple iOS

vpn ... Installing FortiClient App 1. Open the app store on your iOS device, search for and install the FortiClient. 2. Once installed, open the FortiClient app and click the lock icon (VPN) at the

How To: Setup SMU VPN (FortiClient) on Mac OS

vpn ... Please note that you must be running High Sierra or later version of the Mac OS. 1. Go to 2. Click on the Download button under Download

Installing Forticlient VPN and KIX32 for work in a Virtual Campus (Windows)

vpn ...  VPN section and then click on Download button below the Download VPN for Windows section. 1.2. Depending on the Internet Browser you are using, once the download begins select "Save File" to PC

Changing Password When Working Remotely

There are 2 processes for changing passwords when working off campus on a university computer. Scenario 1 - Password has not expired Connect to VPN. (See Connecting to VPN instructions

Authorizing New Users to Login with Domain Account when Working Virtually

This guide shows steps to setup a new user with domain account who is work virtually. Logging in to Laptop. Connecting to VPN. Mapping network drives. Creating profile. Deleting local account. ... vpn ... Setting up machine with domain joined and all software plus configured VPN and a local user that has admin rights. Note: It is advised to have the laptop hard-wired (Ethernet cable) during the

How To: Manually Map Network Drive (after VPNing with FortiClient)

vpn ... Most Network Drives have been migrated to OneDrive / SharePoint or Teams (which do NLT require VPN) - if yours has not please contact Helpdesk to enquire on how to move your data. Network Drives

Network/Online Storage

: drive from the general access labs on campus; staff and faculty can also access it through their work computers or using VPN ( from a home computer.  See these articles for

MS Office Activation Error

computer through VPN,  (if you don't have VPN, see ) 2) Open MS Office (Word or Outlook) 3) Click on File 4) Click Account 5) Click Check for

Standard Saint Mary's Faculty/Staff Software Image

]   Security Applications Trend Micro Apex One Security Agent Forticlient VPN (Virtual Private Network)   Browsers Microsoft Edge Browser   Video

Travel Advice for International Travelers - Information Technology

and antivirus updates may not be readily available during your stay so ensure your device is up to date before you travel The ability to access the Saint Mary’s VPN service may be restricted so

How to Setup Eduroam on Apple device after the new software update (IOS)

shown once this page is displayed. Step #5: Select Download Now  Step 6: Close this pop up and go to VPN & Device Management in General after opening Settings. Step #7 Select ''eduroam