Connect Mac to network drive using VPN

Once the user installs FortiClient VPN on the Mac, they can follow this guide to connect to the Network Drives.

  • Open up Finder, and in the top navigation bar, navigate to "Go" >"Connect to Server..." ( You can also reach this step by opening up Finder and pressing "Command + K" on your keyboard). This should bring you to the following window: 

  • In the server address, you can type in the address of the network drive you want to connect to, and click "Connect".  For j: drive, it would be smb://  For department shares, it will be either smu-file-01 or 03 and leave out  "/faculty_staff"

  • After finding the drive, the PC will ask you for your credentials

  • After you put in the right credentials, the network drive should be mounted to the Mac .S-number,and the password.


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