Manually Map Network Drive after connecting to VPN with FortiClient

Network Drives are being migrated to OneDrive/SharePoint (which do NLT require VPN) - if yours has not please contact Helpdesk to enquire on how to move your data.

Network Drives will be retired in 2024

Click Start.

Where it says Search programs and files, type in \\smu-file-01\name of the network share and press the ENTER key.
If you cannot find the department share you are looking for in the list, go back to the previous step and go to smu-file-03 instead of 01.

If you are on a non-University computer, there will be a popup and for the Server field, type in smunet\s###### where the #'s is your s#, and then type in the password.  The popup may also only have a username field.  You will need to put in smunet\ prior to your s# in that field.


NOTE: if you are unsuccessful mapping your network share, try uninstalling the FortiClient and reinstalling.

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