Brightspace & Virtual Classroom FAQ

FAQ Device And Browser Requirements For Teaching And Learning Online.

When using Brightspace & Virtual Classroom, only some browsers offer compatibility and full functionality. If using a PC (Windows) or a Mac (Mac OS) we recommend using Firefox. Other browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Edge, or Safari, will not fully support the software.

For best compatibility, please upgrade to Windows 10 for PCs or OS X 10.15 for Mac. Chromebooks offer limited support and some features may not function.

On Android mobile devices, please use Firefox. On iOS devices, you must use Safari, and disable "Request Desktop Website" in Safari settings.

Required Browser Security Settings If a recommended browser fails to function within Brightspace & Virtual Classroom, browser security settings are the likely cause. Errors are usually reported as “authentication errors”, and can be remedied by enabling cookies and third-party cookies:

Firefox: To enable cookies and third-party cookies in Firefox, open the Preferences menu, and go to Privacy and Security. The protection level should be set to Standard, so that pages will load normally. Once you have changed settings, clear all cache/cookies/history, and relaunch Firefox. For further information, visit

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and Firewalls Some VPN’s and/or firewall settings may block functionality of Virtual Classroom. If you are unable to access Virtual Classroom even after adjusting your browser settings, disable any firewalls and VPN’s.

Further Support If you need further support with Virtual Classroom or Brightspace, contact the Software and Application Support Centre at Regular hours are Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM. Summer session hours are Monday – Friday, 9AM – 4:30PM.

PDF: Requirements For Teaching And Learning Online.

Further information here: SAS Website

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