Rooms that have microphones installed.
Most have a podium mic .
Additional preprogramed microphones for theatres can be booked/borrowed through classroom support at SB 257.

McNally main Theatre:
Wireless Hand held (x2)
Lavaliere (clip on style, x2)
Up to three of the four can be used in any combination.
* Two mic inputs at podium for wired mics. Two in the tired section for QandA. Four pockets on the stage for wired mics.

Loyola 290:
Wireless Hand Held (x1) Lav (x1)
* One wall input for wired Mics.

Sobey 201: Wireless Hand Held (x1) Lav (x1)
* Three wall inputs for wired mics.

Burke Theatre A and B:
One Wireless Headset mic shared between the two rooms.
No additional microphones can be added in these rooms. Burke theatre A can have the headset OR a podium mic on a stand.

We also have an assortment of microphones that can be borrowed. See PA section for additional information.