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Accounts & Access

Banner Access (A#), Computer Access (s#) and more.

Software & Application Support Centre

The Software & Application Support Centre assists faculty, students, and staff with software issues, in addition to providing technical services.

Project Management Office

Submit a Project Idea.


Telephones, Cable TV and More

Desktop Support

Desktop/Laptop Software and Hardware and Desktop Peripheral Devices.

Email & Calendar

Email and Calendar setup.

Labs & Classrooms

Lab Locations, Lab Printing and more.

Network and Connectivity

Wifi spots, J-Drive storage and more.


Desktop & Device Management, Anti-Virus and more.

Business Applications

Software Distribution & Licensing, Report Support and more.

Web Development, SMUport and more

Help Me Submit A Ticket

Use this option to quickly find the right form to report an issue or make a request.

General Queries and Incidents

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Purchase Computer Equipment

The three step process for purchasing 'Evergreen' models of computer hardware e.g. desktops, laptops, monitors and more