Banner Account - Self Service Banner (SSB)

Self-Service Banner Account (A-number)


The A-number is your unique identifier for Self-Service Banner. It starts with the letter A and is followed by eight digits (eg. A12345678). If you are a student, your A number lets you register for courses, access exam schedules, and view transcripts and grades. Faculty and staff use the A-number to access payroll information, job history, and tax forms.

Your A-number is generated automatically upon employment or enrolment at the University, and is protected with a PIN that is either mailed to you (students) or provided by your department (faculty/staff).

You can change your Self-Service Banner PIN by logging in to, selecting “Personal Information” and then clicking “Change your PIN”.


Have you lost or forgotten your A number or PIN?

Students: Contact the Help Desk (Loyola 268 or the Atrium Helpdesk, must show Photo Identification) or Enrolment Services (McNally Main 134, or 902-420-5582).

Faculty and staff: Go to Human Resources (McNally South 103), or Contact the Help Desk (Loyola 268 or the Atrium Helpdesk, must show Photo Identification) or Enrolment Services (McNally Main 134, or 902-420-5582). 

Transfer phone call to Service Centre phone ext. 5582

Users can also send an email to and request A # pin be reset,
Include in email:
A #
Your full name
Date of birth,
Current mailing address
Pin will be set to your Birthday, format = ddmmyy