Account Activation Support (A#, S#, SMU Email) for Self-Service Banner (SSB)

All account and activation support for SSB (Self-Service Banner). Support information for A-Number, sNumber, and SMU Email credentials. Support for account activation, password, PIN, email name change, access to tax forms, and more.

Articles (6)

How do I "Activate" my account to receive system login and access credentials?

How to activate your account to gain access to SMU email, Self-Service Banner, and other systems requiring SMU login credentials.

NEW LOGIN CREDENTIAL for Self-Service Banner starting March 7, 2022

Update on Self-Service Banner login credential change, why it is changing and what is it changing to.

What login credentials will I get when I activate my account? What are they used for?

Learn what login credentials you receive when you activate your account (sNumber and SMU email address) and what are these credentials used for.

A-Number and PIN

What is an A-Number? What if I forget my A-Number and/or PIN?