Setup Email Security Method For Self-Service Password Reset

Setup Email Security Method For Self-Service Password Reset

This article will help you setup your recovery email as a security method on your account in the event you need to recover your account if you can't login. Please note that this is not an authentication method, it can only be used to reset your password after you've setup an authentication method.

Note: If you've already setup your email security method and need to reset your account password, click HERE.

It is recommended to set a 15-characters password that contains common letters, capital letters, numbers, and special characters. Please check our password requirement article for best practices.

Step 1: Visit in your browser and sign in with your SMU account

Step 2: Click on your profile with your initials on the top right -> then click on 'View account'

Profile select then view account

Step 3: On the left, select 'Security info'

Select Security info

Step 4: Select '+Add sign-in method'

Add sign-in method

Step 5.1: Click the drop-down menu where it says 'Choose a method'

Choose a method

Step 5.2: In the drop-down menu, select 'Security questions'

Select email

Step 5.3: Click 'Add'

Email method add

Step 5.4: Enter the recovery email address you want to use to recover your SMU account in the field not your SMU email address!, then click on 'Next'

Enter Email

Step 7: You will get a 6-digit verification code on your recovery email address, check your recovery email inbox and type the verification code in the first field, then hit Next

enter verification code

Congratulations! You've setup the email security method to recover your SMU account!

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