AST Setup Microsoft Authenticator (MFA) App (Two Device Method)

AST Office365 Account Setup With Microsoft Authenticator App Using The Two Device Method

Follow these step-by-step instructions to setup your AST account on the Microsoft Authenticator App using the Two Device Method. This requires you to have your mobile phone that you'll be installing the Authenticator app on and a computer in front of you. If you'd like to do the full setup by using only your mobile phone, see this ARTICLE for steps.

Step 1: On your mobile phone, open the app store and search for and download Microsoft Authenticator

           Microsoft Authenticator App

Step 2.1: On your computer, visit and login with your AST email. When you get to the screen shown below, click "Next"

More information required

Step 2.2: At the next screen as shown below, click Next to setup the Microsoft Authenticator app

NOTE: If you've already logged in and the screen below did not appear, click on your initials in the top right corner. Select 'view account' and under Security info, select 'update info'. Select 'Add sign-in method' and in the drop-down menu, select 'Authenticator app'. Click 'Add' and you'll get to the screen shown below.

Keep your account secure

Step 2.3: Click 'Next' in the next screen

Set up your account with Authenticator App

Note: Step 3.1 to Step 5 needs to be taken in a quick timely manner to prevent any errors.

Step 3.1: When you get to Scan the QR code shown below, open the Authenticator app you downloaded on your phone and follow through step 3.2. (Don't click next yet)

Scan QR Code

Step 3.2: In the Authenticator app select the + button to add account

plus button

Step 3.3: If it prompts a message asking if you have a back up, click continue

Step 3.4: Select 'Work or school account'

work or school account

Step 3.5: Select 'Scan QR Code'

Option to select Scan QR Code

Step 3.6: Use your phone camera to scan the QR code on your computer in step 3.1. Once you scan the QR code, the account will be added on your mobile Authenticator app. Hit Next on your computer with the screen showing in step 3.1.

Step 4: You'll get a randomly generated two-digit code similar to the image below, please proceed to step 5 quickly once the code is generated as it expires within a few seconds.

Important Note: During the registration period in your first time, you may not get the two-digit code and it'll only ask you to approve the the sign-in that'll show up on your authenticator app on your mobile phone.

Two digit code

Step 5: When the two digit code appears, the Authenticator app will send you a notification to open it and enter the two digits on the app to allow the sign in

Approve sign in

Step 6: Select "yes" to approve and you should get the below message

Notification approved

Step 7: Select "Done" and you have setup Multi-Factor Authentication on your account.


Please see attached video on the article for the setup process that may help! Congratulations. You have setup MFA on your account! To setup Passwordless authentication after you've setup the Microsoft Authenticator app, wait 3-days and visit this article HERE. With passwordless authentication, you can access a trusted device without having to enter a password. Only the two digit number is required.

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