Setup Microsoft Authenticator (MFA) App (One Device Method)

SMU Office365 Account Setup With Microsoft Authenticator App (One Device Method)

Follow these step-by-step instructions to setup your SMU account on the Microsoft Authenticator App using the One Device Method where only your mobile phone is required. If you'd like a faster setup by using the Two Device Method which requires your mobile device and a computer, visit this ARTICLE for steps.

Step 1: On your mobile phone, open the app store and search for and download Microsoft Authenticator.

           Microsoft Authenticator App

Step 2: Open a web browser such as Google Chrome or Safari and visit then type your SMU email and hit Next. You'll be lead to enter your password to Sign in...

office portal sign in

Step 3: Hit 'Next' at the page shown below

more info is required. hit next

Step 4: Click 'Next' to start setting up the MS Authenticator app

MS Authenticator App method

Step 5: Click on 'Pair your account to the app by clicking this link.'

Pair the app to your account

Step 6: You'll be prompted to open the Authenticator app you downloaded. Hit 'Open'

Open app

Step 7: When you switch to the app, unlock the app by using your phone passcode or biometrics such as face recognition or fingerprint.

Unlock app

Step 8: Your account now should be added as shown below. Proceed to step 9 right away

MS App account

Step 9: Go back in the browser where you'll see this screen below, and hit 'Next'

Finished setup. hit Next

Step 10: The MS Authenticator app will send you a notification to approve the sign, and you'll need to enter the two-digit code in the app that appears in the browser. (If you didn't get the notification from the app, slide down your screen to bring the notification centre and it should be there).

Important Note: During the registration period in your first time registering for MFA, you may not get the two-digit code and it'll only ask you to approve the sign-in that'll show up on your authenticator app.

Approve sign in

Step 11: Enter the two-digit code that was in the browser.

Approvide sign in in app with 2-digit code

Step 12: Hit 'Next' in your browser


Step 13: Hit 'Done'

Hit Done

Congratulations, you have set up MFA on your account! What's next? review the Using Microsoft Authenticator App (IOS & Android) article that explains what you'll expect and how many times you'll need to authenticate per week. Lastly, if you'd like, set up Passwordless authentication so that you can access a trusted device without having to enter a password. Only the two-digit number is required. To set it up, wait 3 days after the first time registering your account in the MS Authenticator app and visit this article HERE.

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