Transfer MFA to a New Phone

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What to do if you got a new phone and have MFA setup on the old one

Step 1: On your new mobile phone, open the app store and search for and download Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator App

Step 2: Login to in your web browser with your SMU email and authenticate (if requested) with your old phone that has the Authenticator app installed. 

Note: If you're unable to login to your account because you don't have or wiped the old device to authenticate the login, you can request a Temporary Access Pass and perform the steps to setup the new mobile device.

Step 3: Click on your profile with your initials on the top right -> then click on 'View account'

Profile select then view account

Step 4: On the left, select 'Security info'

Select Security info

Step 5: Select '+Add sign-in method'

Add sign-in method

Step 6: Click the drop-down menu where it says 'Choose a method' -> then select 'Authenticator App' -> click 'Add'

Choose a method

Step 7: Go to 2.2 in this ARTICLE, and follow the steps to the end.

Step 8: Once you've setup MFA app on your new mobile device, return to the location in step 5 and delete the old device.


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