What to do if you can't access your email

Due to a scheduled Microsoft policy change to take effect Monday January 16th, 2023 all Saint Mary’s University email account holders will only be able to access email using a supported Microsoft application.

Per the previous notification regarding basic authentication which can be found here Basic Authentication Policy Change.

Note if you have problems accessing your email via the Outlook client you can access it at portal.office.com at any time.

How might this impact you?

If you are accessing your smu.ca email using a "basic authentication method" after the change you may not be able to log into your email using that method.  Your email will always be available by logging into portal.office.com and selecting Outlook.  

What can you do?

Follow the process here : Basic Auth Update to run an update on your computer.

We recommend only running this update if you encounter an issue authenticating to your email on your SMU owned laptop or desktop.  If you do not have any issue with your email, do not run it.  Do not use it on a personal laptop, desktop or mobile device.

If you have any question or issues you can contact the EIT Help Desk at helpdesk@smu.ca or 902-496-81111

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