Basic Authentication Depreciation

Due to a Microsoft policy change effective January 2023, all Saint Mary’s University Email account holders will only be able to access email using supported applications.

This change will affect many users in the Saint Mary’s University community therefore we are communicating this again ahead of the deadline.
SMU does NOT have any control over this change nor the date that it will happen.

How will this impact you?  What will be different?

For most users (Student’s, Faculty & Staff), there be no affect and the change will be seamless.

If you access your email using Outlook on the Web, Outlook Desktop (pre-installed on your SMU issued Windows devices) or Outlook for Mobile, you will NOT be affected by this change.

However if you currently access the SMU Email system using a 3rd party Email client, you may be affected by this change.

Email Client
Many third-party Email clients (non-Microsoft) DO NOT support the new security standards that Microsoft will be enforcing including:

  • Native Apple Mail App (Older than iOS 12)
  • Mac Mail (older than 10.14)
  • Samsung Mail (older versions)
  • Android Mail clients

As a result, it may not be possible to continue to use your existing Email application.

If you are using a version that supports the new security standard, you will be required to re-configure your mail app to support this new standard.  This may require you to remove your email account and then re add it.

 if you are using an unsupported email client and are experiencing issues after Monday’s deadline you will be able to access your SMU email via Outlook on the Web (

What should you do?

The recommendation from EIT is to switch your Email client to Microsoft Outlook on all devices.

Microsoft Outlook - Apps on Google Play

Microsoft Outlook on the App Store (

What are the benefits of Outlook Mobile App?

Consistent interface and across desktop, web and mobile devices.

Consistent features and functionality across web, desktop and mobile devices.

(For example the ability to report a spam or phishing email).

When will this happen?

To get ahead of the change and minimize any disruption

EIT is recommending that users begin to switch their email clients immediately to avoid any disruption.




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