Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting - Validation Failed

  • Click 'Retry'
  • Check Internet Connection
  • Ensure AppsAnywhere Client is Installed
    • Open a private browser Window to see first use prompts again

  • Try a different browser e.g. IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Troubleshooting - Access to Apps

  • Search for the app or check 'Unavailable apps' 

  • Apps does not appear for the end user:
    • User is not in the required AD group
    • App does not exist (can someone else see it?)
  • App listed is unavailable
    • View 'More Info' and check restrictions
    • Has validation completed successfully?
      • If no, treat as 'Validation Failed'

Troubleshooting - Unable to Launch

  • Try again in a new browser session
  • Try a different browser e.g. IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Uninstall and re-install the AppsAnywhere Client
  • Check which delivery method is being used:
    • Cloudpaging Player installed correctly?
    • Local app not working?


  • View/send Log File
    • In the Cloudplayer App, click on File and select Options
    • Click on View Log
    • Copy/paste into Word and send to if needed

For Mac users, the log file should be in this location:

Useful Details:

  • Username
  • Device (e.g. Lab PC or personal device)
  • Operating System
  • Location


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