Installing Forticlient VPN and KIX32 for work in a Virtual Campus (Windows)

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Preparing your University Owned PC Desktop/Laptop for work in a Virtual Campus Environment. 

Note: Due to the increased traffic to the Fortinet website this will most likely take some time to complete.

Step # 1: Create a secure connection between your Home Location and the Saint Mary's Network.

1.1. Go to and then click on Download button below the Download VPN for Windows section.

1.2. Depending on the Internet Browser you are using, once the download begins select "Save File" to PC if prompted.

1.3 Then run the ForticlientVPNSetup file (the file may be named FortiClientVPNOnlineInstaller) from the bottom right corner of the browser (double-click or select run) or from the location where you saved the download file. A popup message may appear asking to allow this program to run, press "Yes". 

1.4 Once the Setup window appears, press "NEXT"

1.5 Leave the file location in the default location provided.



After installation is finished (select Finish), a reboot may be required.


1.6 Double click Forticlient icon on your desktop to launch the VPN.  For the first time, you will need to acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions 

Next, you will need to "configure VPN".


It is important to set this part up exactly as shown, then Hit Save  

Click on the lock icon, you might be asked "if you would like forticlient to make changes to your device" click allow/yes for this option. 

To connect/login, click on the SAML Login button as seen above and follow the prompts below to authenticate.

 If presented with a certificate warning the first time after installation, please accept the certificate by clicking Yes


If presented with a firewall warning the first time after installation, please check all three networks and then click Allow access

Enter your SMU credentials and select sign-in

In order to get access to your shared drives, follow the instructions below. 

Step # 2: Create your Network Drive Mappings allowing you access to the Saint Mary's Network Resources.

2.1. AFTER connecting to the Saint Mary's Network via the VPN created in Step # 1 above, paste the following -  \\smunet\NETLOGON  - into the Windows Search Box (bottom left-hand corner of your screen, see below) - to open the location in File Explorer


2.2. When the window opens, RIGHT Click on the "KIX32.EXE" find “Send to” in the menu and then click on “Desktop (create shortcut)” as seen below:

2.3 This will create a shortcut to the KIX32.EXE on your desktop as shown below. By DOUBLE Clicking on this file you will create the Network Drives you would normally get on campus.


Congratulations! You are now ready to work in a Virtual Campus environment.

Just remember each time you logon on to your computer you'll need to;

  1. Connect to the Saint Mary's Network via the FortiClient VPN (It's all been configured)
  2. Double click the KIX32 batch file on your desktop.
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