No Sound Error on Windows 10

1) Please click on Start and type "Windows Update Settings" and select to check for updates and download any latest windows update. This is a very important step because the solution for this problem will not work on older versions.

2) After installing any updates, please click on the "download and install now" (see picture below)

3) Your computer will start downloading the update, and will prompt you to restart the PC through the same page displayed below. 

4) Restart the computer and follow the steps below if you are still having any sound issues.

How to Fix:

If you have a red X on your sound bar (as below) or are receiving an error with “Conexant”. Follow the steps below:

1) Click the Windows Logo Button on your keyboard

2) Type "Command Prompt" and open it

3) Type in the following text and click enter:

    wmic bios get serialnumber

4) Save the result you get as you will need this shortly.

      I just highlighted the text and copied the text (CTRL+C)

Click HERE.

1) Select the kind of device you have

2) Type or paste the result you received from command prompt and click submit.

3) Under the "Driver-Audio" section, click on the driver. (On my PC it is called "Synaptics HD Audio Driver").

4) Click "No thanks, I will download and install manually"

5) Once downloaded, open and install it 


6) Afterwards you may be prompted to restart your PC. Once the PC has restarted, there should be no Red X or "Conexant" error



If you are still experiencing problems after this article, click HERE and follow the article steps





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