Conexant Smart Audio Error

The smart audio may look like this:

Please follow the steps below:

1) Click on "Type here to search (button)"

2) Type in "Services" and click on "Open"

3) Scroll down till you see the following services (they are also boxed in red in the screenshot below):

     1) "CxAudioSvc"

     2) "CxUIUSvc"

     3) "CxUtilSvc"

4) Double click each of the services listed in step 3 and do the following to them:

    1) Change "Startup Type" to "Disabled"

    2) Click "Apply"

    3) Change "Service Status" by clicking the "Stop" Button

    4) Click "Ok"

5) NOTE: Please ensure you have done Step 4 to all THREE listed services. THEN, restart your device.




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