Information About AST (Login/Equipment)

**NOTE: Going forward, we now have an AST Source in TD on tickets (like Phone, Walkups, Email etc.).  Please use this source when putting in AST tickets so that they can report on this specifically.

  • AST faculty, staff, and students use a similar login email as SMU's members. Theirs is the standard to You can look them up in Active Directory.
    For logging into courses they will have to go directly through Brightspace instead of through SMUport. They have S-numbers just like SMU and students would use it to login to Brigthspace.

  • Help registering for courses in banner or navigating banner:

  • AST students do have A#s. As of Feb 13, 2023, they do not currently go through so they would not need their A# for anything and they likely don't know it. They do not log into SMUport to get to their courses but go directly to Brightspace, or they go through the link from their AST homepage on the web - If someone needs a password change, they have a Self-Service Password Reset found in this article HERE.

  • AST students and faculty can login to smu-wifi using their AST email and password. And same goes for SMU students/faculty on AST WiFi.

  • Their emails are now on Office365 so the settings for their cell phones should be the same as SMU's except for the domain and theirs is

  • Equipment is similar models to SMU's except that they purchase their computers instead of leasing.  That means that they will have computers that are 7+ years old sometimes. Asset tagging has been implementing and they start with 660xxx. They are networked and have network printers. The Windows machines are joined on SMU's Azure AD domain. SMU users can login to AST's systems and AST users can login to SMU's systems.

The new AST WIFI SSID’s are AST and ast-guest .

For ast-guest, for individuals living on AST residence or have the authorization, we can create guest accounts as we do for SMU users except we'll choose the AST in the drop-menu while creating the account. 

As of August 15th, they have their Help Desk email they can send their IT related inquiries to 

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