Scan-to-Folder Setup On Network Share

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Scan-To-Folder On Network Share

There are very few cases at SMU where someone in a department sets up Scan-To-folder on their network share instead of scan-to-email because the file has a size limit to send to email, while scanning to the folder can accommodate a much larger file size.

To accomplish this, EIT tech would need to login to the MFP device (printer) admin console via the IP address in a web browser and edit the stored addresses area.

In the stored address tab, add a new entry in the address book and set it up similar to the example screenshot below.

The name can be anything

Host Address needs to be the name of the server the file share is hosted on. Either smu-file-01 or smu-file-03

File path needs to be in the format written in the screenshot to lead to the scanned folder created

User ID is the person's S-number. Only that S# can scan to that folder.

scan-to-folder settings

When the user's password expires, the tech would need to log back into the printer and into the configures address book to update the user's password in the password field.

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