Chrome popup on Mac for keychain access

Mac users on trying to access MS Office apps in browser may receive popups to allow access every time they try to sign in.

One such example is 'Select a certificate' and then provide your MAC password to use 'Microsoft Workplace Join Key' from keychain.



Or it can simply be a popup like below asking to allow access every time you try to sign in.

These popups don't go away even after Always Allow.

Reason for these popups: One possible reason is that the passwords saved to the keychain via Safari cannot be used in Chrome as it reads them as web form passwords. This causes Chrome to ask for access from keychain everytime.

Solutions: Go to Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access 

  1. Look for the website keychain. Eg: Microsoft office keychain might look like this. 

Double click on this entry and go to Access Control. In there check mark 'Allow all applications to access this item'.

Note: If there's more than one entry that looks similar to the one above, do the same for all of them. But only after it doesn't work with one entry only.

Restart the browser and run the website again. The popup might come once but not again after that.

This solution has been tried and tested.

  1. The other option is to delete the entry itself from the keychain. 


Note: It is possible to get these popups for other websites as well along with Office Apps.

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