Single sign on campus VPN

A new version of FortiClient will need to be installed to begin using single sign on process for VPN access.

The EIT dept has an updated version of FortiClient that can be automatically installed on your PC.

Once the installation has been started you will see this notification in your task bar.

After the installation has completed you will have to reboot the pc for the changes to take affect.

One you have rebooted launch the FortiClient application and accept the acknowledgement on the terms of use for the software.

To login select SAML login

If presented with a certificate warning the first time after installation, please accept the certificate by clicking Yes

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

If presented with a firewall warning the first time after installation, please check all three networks and then click Allow access

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 Enter your SMU credentials and select sign-in .

After a successful authentication you will be connected to VPN



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