AST Classroom 3 Troubleshooting Audio, Camera, & General Tips

AST Classroom 3 Troubleshooting Audio, Camera, and General Tips

On-screen Keyboard

If you need an on-screen keyboard to use on the smart board, while logged in to the room PC, hit the Windows key on the physical keyboard and start typing On-screen then select the first option that says 'on-screen keyboard'. The keyboard will pop-up, you can re-size it to smaller size by holding your finger on the top left corner of the keyboard screen and drag to the right. To pin it to the task bar so you don't need to do this again, hold the on-screen keyboard app in the task bar with one finger (just like right-click) and select pin to taskbar.

Unable to Hear People on the Call or They Can't Hear You

You would need to check the audio input and output on the PC and the app like Zoom or Teams.

For Teams:

Troubleshoot 1: Ensure you're not muted in your meeting and the mute button on the touch screen panel on the podium is green.

Troubleshoot 2: If you're in Teams in a call, open the window where it shows the participants and click the 3-dots then select 'Device Settings' shown below:

How to Adjust the Volume in a Microsoft Teams Meeting - TechSwift

In the new menu, ensure that Q-SYS Core 8 Flex is selected under Audio devices, and Echo Cancelling speakerphone is selected under Speaker and Microphone as shown below:

Test your audio with the people on the call now.

If you're using Zoom:

While in the meeting, click on the up-arrow by the mute button, then select 'Audio settings' shown below:

Ensure that Echo Cancelling Speakerphone is selected under Speaker and Microphone.

Troubleshoot 3: If the first troubleshoot doesn't work, click on the Windows key to bring up the start menu then search for 'Sound settings' and select it when it pops up. In the new window, ensure that Echo Cancelling Speakerphone is selected under Output and Input.

Troubleshoot 4: Restart PC.

Camera Not Turning On In Meetings

Troubleshoot 1: Simply unplug the power cable from the camera switch (small cable that can be found on the left of the back of the camera switch inside the podium) for 10 seconds, plug it back in, and wait one minute. The switch is white and black and has a label that says 'camera switch' Restart PC.

Troubleshoot 2Restart PC. If PC is left on for many days without shutdown or restart, it may not detect the cameras in room. Every PC needs rest every once in a while.

Troubleshoot 3: If neither restarting the PC or restarting the camera switch worked, in the podium cabinet, look at the lowest device and flick the red switch off for 10 seconds which will turn off all of the Crestron A/V equipment then flick it again to turn it back on then wait 3-5 minutes for everything to boot.

Smartboard is projecting the computer screen but is unresponsive or malfunctioning to the touch

First, see if you can use the computer normally with the physical keyboard and mouse; if so, the problem is with the smartboard. In this case, the power cable from underneath the smartboard needs to be unplugged for 10 seconds, then replugged. After waiting a minute, click the button with an arrow at the right-bottom of the smartboard to choose the screen that is showing the computer.

General Tips

If the above troubleshooting doesn't help, please check out this 5-minute video in the link below that may help you with the issue. The video contains general tips and troubleshooting.

Video link: AST ClassTech Troubleshooting.MOV

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