Printing to B200D and MM305

The printers in B200D and MM305 do not require a keypad like the regular printers to release jobs. Since they are MFP (Multifunction Printers) with screens, they have been enrolled in Papercut so we can allow logins for print release, copying or scan to email.  You will see the current login screen, students can login with their Snumber/Password with the Username/password fields below OR their ID/PIN number that they use with the keypads on the regular printers (typically Snumber without the S). You can also use ID/PIN number using just your s# without the 's'.

This currently applies to B200D/MM305 for print release/copying/Scan to email and the two MFPs in the Library for copying/Scan to email.

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Thu 10/27/22 8:19 AM
Thu 10/27/22 8:19 AM