What to do if you receive an email from an unauthorized account

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Please be advised that effective September 1st, 2022 all Faculty, Staff and Students of Saint Mary's University are required to use their university issued email address (name@smu.ca) to conduct business with the university (See Policy  2-2006_EmailPolicy.pdf (smu.ca). If operational circumstances require you to respond to an email sent by a member of the Saint Mary's community, from an unauthorized email account you should respond with the following (Best Practice would be to send this response back to the originating email and cc the SMU email if known or able to be looked up).

"Thank you for your email. If you are a staff or faculty member or a student of Saint Mary's University and you are communicating with me in that capacity, please contact me/us using your authorized @smu.ca email. Please refer to Policy2-2006 Email Policy for more information about this mandatory requirement. Thank for your cooperation."



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