Changes to Classroom and Lab Computers for Fall 2022

 Based on feedback from faculty and staff, and in preparation for on campus instruction in September 2022, EIT has updated the configuration of console computers in all classrooms, as well as computers in teaching labs on campus. 

What is changing? 

  • Beginning September 2022,  you will no longer use your S number to login in. Instead, you can use your Saint Mary’s email address and password to login into classroom and lab computers. 
  • Once logged in, you will no longer need to subsequently log into Office 365 applications, you will be logged in automatically 
  • Login in time will be faster. 
  • Zoom and VLC are installed directly on the lab and classroom desktops. 
  • Network drives (e.g. The P:/ drive) will no longer be mapped when you log into these teaching computers. You still access network drives via your assigned (evergreen) laptop or computer. 

Why is it changing? 

This change is part of a series of upgrades and improvements to the desktop computing environment at Saint Mary’s that will: 

  • ensure the university’s systems follow security best practices and standards  
  • allow for future improvements in functionality and user experience 

Sharing documents 

To share documents or data with students for class purposes, we recommended that faculty use Brightspace.

Instructions on how to upload and share via Brightspace can be found here: Adding and Managing Course Content

Documents can also be securely shared via OneDrive. Information on how to do so can be found here: Sharing-on-OneDrive

Microsoft Teams can also be used for class delivery and file sharing.  More information can be found here: MS Teams — Studio for Teaching & Learning (

Faculty, Staff and Librarians looking for assistance with class delivery, file sharing or Brightspace can email the Studio SAS team at





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