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SMUPhone updates can be performed by authorized users on campus whom have been added to the required Active Directory group, once approved by their department. To updated SMUPhone entries, please visit the PhoneBook Update Link and Sign In with your SMU email address and account password. Updates will be processed and applied to users before syncing to SMUPhone, both SMUPhone and the O365 Global Address List may take 12-24 hours to fully propagate. 

Once logged in, the update page will look like below. To find the user to update, please input the email address of the user and click search. Once the search is complete, please click the drop down arrow and select the user. Confirm the user details in the "General" section to ensure you have found the user that requires an update and then proceed to the "Organization" section to edit the desired fields. At this time, the Title, Division (Department sub group), Department and Office Location are the attributes that are available to update, Phone Number is to be updated by EIT when their phone line is activated within the new SMU Phone System.

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