Creating Handwritten Signature For Digital Upload(Kofax)

1. Take a nice piece of clean white paper and make a large handwritten signature in Blue ink.

2. (A)Take a picture with your phone, saves a JPEG, email it to yourself OR


(You can see it is shadowy and not ideal)

  (B)Use Office Lens on your smartphone and create a white board of the signature, save as JPEG OR

(This leaves a nice white background)

  (C)Scan the page over a colour scanner, saves as PDF, email it to yourself.

(Depending on the scan this can be great or really grainy. You will just have to see)

3.Open the image of your signature with PAINT software on your computer. (If you are using the Scan PDF you will need to convert it to a JPEG using File, Save As, JPEG before opening with Paint in step 3)


   In the Paint App click File, Open and select the JPEG of your signature.


Select the Rectangle tool in the toolbar and bring it as close to the signature as you can to create a nice tight signature image.

Click the Crop icon

Now you have a smaller rectangle with only the signature left. Save this crop and this is now your JPEG for uploading into KOFAX as your digital signature image.

Here are the differences using the different JPEG options. You can see the background is not ideal with a camera photo versus the Microsoft Office Lens whiteboard of the Ricoh Scan.

(Photo with smart phone above) (Ricoh office scanner below WHICH IS THE IDEAL SINCE YOU DON’T SEE BACKGROUND ON WHITE PAPER)

The following pages will have the three signatures on a KOFAX PDF document to show you the final images on a PDF.


Above is the original camera photo without lightening the background.

Above is the scanner signature image.


Above is the Microsoft Office Lens App signature image.


Useful information for taking and adjusting signature images taken with mobile phones




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