Defender Enrollment for macOS

Install Company Portal app

Visit the Enroll My Mac link.

The Company Portal installer .pkg file will download. Open the installer and continue through the steps.

Agree to the software license agreement.

Enter your device password or registered fingerprint to install the software.

Open Company Portal.

Enroll your Mac

Sign in to Company Portal with your work or school account.

When the app opens, select Begin.

Review what your organization can and can't see on your enrolled device. Then select Continue.

On the Install management profile screen, select Download profile.

Example screenshot of Company Portal, Install management profile screen, highlighting password prompt.

Your device's system preferences will open.
a. Select Install and then select Install again.
b. If you’re prompted to, enter your device password.

Example screenshot of System Preferences, Management Profile screen, highlighting "Approve" button.

Once the profile is installed, it will appear in the profiles list under Management Profile

Return to Company Portal.

Example screenshot of Company Portal, Update device settings screen, highlighting Retry button.

When setup is complete, select Done.

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