How to Add an Email Address to My Safe Senders List in Outlook

Sometimes you get important emails from a specific email address in your junk mailbox. To prevent emails from filtering as junk, you can add the specific email address to your safe senders list in Outlook to teach Outlook not to send emails to junk from those specific emails.
Note that you must use a web browser (not the Outlook desktop app) to do this. Please follow the instructions below.
Step 1: Open your web browser and visit and login with your SMU-email.
Step 2: Once you get to the welcome page, click on Outlook app on the left as shown below in the screenshot.
Step 3: Click on settings which is the wheel logo on the top right of the window, then click on 'View all Outlook settings.'
Step 4: Click on 'Junk email on the left panel. There you can click '+ Add' under 'Safe senders and domains' to add specific email addresses.
Once you complete this, emails you add to the safe senders list should not be filtered as junk for the next incoming emails from those addresses.
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