MS Teams Meeting Conference Calling / Call In Option

MS Teams meeting invitees can now be given the option to join a Teams meeting by “calling in” by phone for times they are unable to join directly within the application. 

How can you  provide this option for my Teams meeting invitees? 

It's automatic!  This new Teams meeting “call in” feature will now be automatically inserted into the bottom of any  “Teams Meeting” invites you create. No extra steps!

When you create a Teams Meeting invite, here is what the Teams Meeting information at the bottom of your Calendar invite will now look like (image below) :

  • You can let your meeting invitees know about this option, especially if you know someone may not be available to join a meeting directly within Teams for a particular Teams meeting but could join by phone.
  • If you do not wish for this option to be available for a particular meeting, the “call in” details can simply be removed from your meeting invite.

What if I have questions or need support?


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