Students Registering Devices wireless example TV

For Student’s Registering devices like,  TV’s, Google Nest, wifi printers etc…

Students need to self register on DEVICE.SMU.CA/GUEST   

Items you will need:

1: To register you just need to have a student S# and sign in to the above link.

2: The wifi mac address of the device you are trying to connect. Info attached below on how to find the wifi mac-address.  (note -the wifi mac is different from the LAN/Ethernet Mac).

3: Click ADD the device link and place your “wifi-mac address or the device your trying to add” save.

4: You can then click manage and view your device.

5: After the device is registered then is able to connect to (ONLY) the “SMU-Guest”  wifi -SSID

Note that if the registration is working there should not be a prompt to authenticate, the device should just connect to “smu-guest”


Step by step posted below as well as a couple of helpful links to find your Wifi- macaddress