Papercut Troubleshooting

You will see a series of emails advising of changes regarding printing/Papercut in the next week or so.

To start off with, in preparation for the rollout of mobility print (wifi/byod/easier MacOS printing) for both students and staff/faculty we have updated the staff/faculty papercut configuration so that it no longer adding users to the database if they are not already in it. In the past if a user was not in a papercut AD group that was being synced to the staff/faculty papercut environment it would create the user on demand and allow them to print. This had obvious issues, even before mobility print so it was a needed config change,

Now that this has been changed for staff/faculty (student will be this way from the start) going forward if a user cannot login to a Konica MFP device to copy/scan, they will get bad username/password message and they are sure their password is correct, the first item to troubleshoot is to see if they are appearing in the papercut database. The same goes for a user trying to print to a non Konica MFP device and stating their job will not print out, if they are not in the database then the server will flush their job and unfortunately there is no message to the user. First troubleshooting step is to confirm the user is in the papercut database.

Obviously this change will highlight the need to make sure new users are in a papercut AD group so they are synced to the user database.

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Fri 9/3/21 11:24 AM