Mobility Print for BYOD (bring your own device)

With the implementation of PaperCut it will now be possible to add printers to your own devices and allow you to print over campus WiFi to any of the lab/classroom/general access printers that previously required you to be logged into a SMU PC to access.

This additional functionality will work with devices running Windows OS/MacOS/iOS/AndroidOS, below is a dynamic link that will provide you OS specific instructions along with a helpful video to guide you through the process of leveraging PaperCut Mobility Print for BYOD. Simply follow the instructions in the link below and find the printer that is in room in which you wish to print to. 


**** Please note - Students can only print to printers on the SMU-LABPRINT server. ****

**** Below is a screen shot which highlights where to look to confirm you have access to the printer ****

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