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McGraw Hill combine learning science insights with the art of teaching to empower all students and instructors to succeed.  


The Science of Learning: 10 Key Principles (PDF w/ graphic) 

"Following the Lessons of Learning Science in Schools Isn't Convenient" 

"Science of Learning: Why Do We Care?" 

“Bloom’s 2 Sigma Problem and Data-Driven Approaches for Improving Student Success.” From The First Year of College: Research, Theory, and Practice on Improving the Student Experience and Increasing Retention by R. Feldman 

Reflections on the learning sciences. 

From the laboratory to the classroom: Translating science of learning for teachers. 

“Educational psychology’s past and future contributions to the science of learning, science of instruction, and science of assessment.” 

“Tools for educational data mining: A review.” 

Learning to Learn: You, Too, Can Rewire Your Brain 

Technology is Transforming What Happens When a Child Goes to School 

New Resource Offers More Instructional Flexibility Through Customization 

How Adaptive Learning is Transforming Teaching and Learning 

Leading Personalized Learning: Digital Programs Help Meet the Needs of all Students 

The Science of Learning: What Every Teacher Should Know 

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