SAS 9.4


SAS Visual Analytics provides a single application for reporting, data exploration and analytics. 


Import data from a variety of sources: databases, Hadoop, Excel spreadsheets, social media, etc. 

Drag an Excel file, CSV or SAS data set onto your workspace and quickly start building reports or dashboards. 

Use standard data quality functions like change case; convert, rename, remove, and split columns; and create calculated columns and transformations using custom code. 

Prep data using append, join, filter and transpose functions. 

Reuse, schedule, and monitor jobs. 

View lineage with network diagrams. 

Report Review analyzes your report and presents suggestions for improvements that can be made to the report itself or to the data used by the report. Report review also checks for accessibility issues. 

Auto charting automatically chooses the graph best suited to display selected data. 

Automatically builds an interactive analytical story based on all your data, ready to be published. 

OS Supported

Windows 10

Apple MacOS

License Details

This license is an annual subscription purchased by Saint Mary's University 

Available to



Personal devices and university-owned devices

How to Get

For Students/Staff/Faculty: SAS is available via

Faculty only: For special requests, please contact EIT Helpdesk at  If you already have the software installed on your computer, please visit this article for the license file.


For more information, visit


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