How to Clear Browsing Data

Depending on your browser the process to clear your browsing data may differ. Note that, you will have to clear ALL browsing data.  This is sometimes necessary if you are unable to get to specific sites and it give you an error or scripting page instead of the expected webpage.

Please click the link below that corresponds to the browser you use.

If you are finding that you have to clear the data every few days, please select the option in the Advanced settings of your browser to Reset to factory default.

If your browser is not mentioned please email for us to add it in this article. 


Firefox: (Scroll down to Clear all cookies, site data and cache)


Opera: (Scroll down to How to clear cookes, cache, history- everything)

Brave: (Scroll down to How to clear all cookies and site data) (Skip step 3, as all options should be selected)

Edge: (Select time range as "All time" and select boxes for Cookies, Cached images, Browsing History, Download History)




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