Webcams and Microphones. What we recommend.


  • For webcams, we typically recommend the Logitech C920 webcam which has excellent video quality, works well with all computers and also has a great built in mic. 

However, due to the shortage of webcams thanks to the pandemic, these are not always easy to come by and cost significantly more than they used to. Here is a direct link to Amazon Canada with 'c920' as the search option. This will give you an idea of their current availability. 

  • If you can't obtain a C920, you can also search for C922 and C922x and the Logitech Brio. These cameras are more expensive but work well. 
  • A much lower cost alternative is the Logitech C270


  • For a microphone only option, we would typically recommend the FIFINE USB microphone. SMU currently uses these for recording classes and they work well. 

Headset mic and headphones

  • We do not have a specific item we would recommend for this as there is so much variation. We also do not use them very much, however you will want to consider USB vs mini jack and one ear vs two ear (headphone). We have had several people purchase bluetooth, wireless headsets of various kinds and they all work well. Here is a link to get you started and if you require more specific information, please email and we can assist. 


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