Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it slower to stream applications compared to locally installed applications?
A. The first time you launch software it is slower to start but because it is cached, after the first launch the application runs at a similar speed to locally installed software.

Q. Why can't I find SPSS (or another application) under the Programs Menu?
A. Until an application has been run once it isn't virtually installed on the system, so the only way to launch it is through the AppsAnywhere portal.

Q. I closed the AppsAnywhere portal browser window – how do I re-launch it?
A. Click on the Launch AppsAnywhere icon on the desktop.

Q. I inserted my USB key and double clicked on MyProjectStats.sav file, and Windows says it can't find an application to launch it. I thought SPSS was available on my machines?
A. It is available, but it isn't installed until the first time it is launched from AppsAnywhere. To open your MyProjectStats.sav file go to the AppsAnywhere browser portal window and scroll, or search for SPSS and launch it. Then open the file from within SPSS. After an application has been run once on a system, clicking on MyProjectStats.sav will launch SPSS.

Q. There are a lot of applications – how do I find my application quickly?
A. You can use the search box in the top right corner to search for an application. The keyboard shortcut, “s”, takes you directly to the search box. See the search video for a demonstration. 

Q. Can you save your work locally?
A. Yes, the application runs locally on your PC so you can save locally. When using AppsAnywhere on campus lab computers you can save to your OneDrive so that your files will be available anywhere.

Q. Where are the AppsAnywhere servers located?
A. They are located in SMU’s Azure Cloud location hosted in Microsoft’s Canadian data centre.

Q. What happens if AppsAnywhere crashes – will my lab be ruined?
A. There are redundant load balanced servers implementing this service, so a single server crash will not affect software availability. In the extremely rare event that multiple servers are down, you wouldn't be able to launch software.

Q. How does it work?
A. AppsAnywhere utilizes app streaming, with CloudPaging software, to quickly deliver applications over the network. Applications must be "cloudified" by SMU ITSS before they can be delivered via streaming.

Q. I see an "Application is no longer authorized and must be re-issued. The application will be terminating" message when I try to launch an application from Cloudpaging Player, which has previously launched.
A. This message indicates that the application session has expired. To renew the session, the application has to be relaunched from the web portal. Login to, select the application and click Launch.

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