Cloudpaging Player

AppsAnywhere has two main components: the AppsAnywhere Application Catalog and the Cloudpaging Player. After launching applications from the Application Catalog, they are loaded and installed on the system and displayed in the Cloudpaging Player.

Cloudpaging Player

The status of a launch application will also be displayed. The different statuses that can be displayed are listed below with an explanation of what each status means.


During the activating stage, AppsAnywhere acquires authorization and information from the server for the application.


During the prefetching stage, the application’s files are being copied down to the local system.

Application prefetching


During the virtualizing stage, the application’s files are being installed on the local system.


During the authorization stage, AppsAnywhere verifies that there is a valid license and seat available for the application.

Application is authorizing


The ready status signifies that the application is installed and can be used.

Application is ready


The running status signifies that the application or that a service from the application is running. After exiting, some apps may still have a “Running” status if services from the app continue running in the background.

Application is running


During the “Devirtualizing” stage, the application’s files are being uninstalled from the local system but will remain in the Cloud paging Player’s cache.

Application is devirtualizing







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