How to Launch AppsAnywhere Applications

Please review the steps below on launching applications using AppsAnywhere or review the video here - Demo

To launch an application from the AppsAnywhere catalog, hover over the desired application and select the Launch button.

Note: Chromebooks & SPSS Does not work. Files save to a temporary folder that the user cannot access and are unable to change the directory for where they are saved.

A launch button is also available from the More Info section of the application.

This will load the application into the Cloudpaging Player (unless it is already locally installed).

Cloud Pager loading application

After the application is loaded, it will automatically start or open a file explorer window to the start menu shortcuts if there are multiple programs included in the application. Software loaded into the Cloudpaging Player can be launched again via the Cloudpaging Player, the Windows Start Menu, or the AppsAnywhere Application Catalog.

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