Zoom Lecture Recording - Reference & Resources

How to Record a Lecture using Zoom

Below is a link to the Zoom reference resources provided by the SAS lab. Please take a look as they provide valuable tips for an easy recording session.

If there are any further questions, please put in a ticket through the help desk and it will be addressed to the appropriate department to provide further information. 



How to Book a Lecture Recording Room 

Below you will find a link to book a one of three rooms for on campus lecture recording provided by SMU. These rooms are booked through SAS lab and will be supported by the Classroom Support office at Sobeys 257 for on site issues. Classroom Support will be able to provide support with any hardware issues or Zoom issues that may arise. 

Please take a moment to review the above link before your booked time to be best prepared for a smooth session for optimal use of your allotted time. 




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