Bell Mobility Flex Travel Plans and Instructions

As of 01/28/2022 Bell no longer offers the 30 day roaming packages.

As a replacement Bell offers Daily Roam Travel Packages.

To request a Daily Roam Travel Package  please complete this form Daily Roam Travel Request

It is important when travelling internationally that you add a Daily Roam Travel Package to your account or you could accumulate significant roaming costs during your trip.

The Daily Roam coverage is:
USA -  $13.00 per day
International -  $16.00 per day
Calls -  back to Canada are Unlimited
Calls made to/ within roaming destination Unlimited
Incoming calls Unlimited
Calls from roaming destination to other countries excluding Canada From US: $0.95/minute
From International: $1.45/minute

Texts back to Canada Unlimited
Texts made to/ within roaming destination Unlimited
Incoming texts Unlimited
Data is deducted from domestic bucket up to a maximum of 1GB which then beyond 1GB, speeds are up to 512 kbps suitable for light web browsing, email and messaging for the rest of the day.
Data speeds reset at 12:00 AM (ET) daily.
Rates for premium usage (cruise/air/satellite) are excluded from Daily Roam, premium usage billed at $3.50/min, $0.99/sent text, and  $16/MB.

Please be advised these charges will reflect as a onetime charge under the "Other Charges and Credits" section of the 4th invoice.        

When roaming, if there are any problems in obtaining service power cycle the phone this will force the device  to re-register properly with the foreign cellular provider.


The features below are ongoing and reset each month on the 4th or you can add the Daily Roam:

Zone1 Travel-Calling $0.50/Min
Zone 1E Travel-Data $0.65/MB
PNS International Text $0.15

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