Papercut Client - Mac OS

Single user install

This method is suitable for a Mac computer used by a single user. For example, a personal Mac desktop or laptop. The installation process involves clicking the client-local-install program. This copies the PCClient application into the over to the system's Applications folder and starts the client in the "confirm network identity" mode. The simplest way to run the install process is to connect to a Windows server's pcclient share over the network, however, alternate methods such as copying the folder contents via a USB key or drive are also possible.

To install the Mac User Client from a server's share:

  1. Start and Log in to the Mac computer. Ensure it's connected to the network.

  2. Open the Finder.

  3. In the Go menu, select Connect to Server.

  4. Enter the pcclient share's connection details, such as: smb://smu-prt-off/pcclient/mac

  5. Enter password information if requested.

  6. Double-click the client-local-install file. This executes a small AppleScript program that starts the install/copy process.

  7. Test the application by double-clicking the PCClient application icon in the system's local Applications folder.

If the user needs the User Client for printing (for example, to use the shared account popup), configure the application to automatically open upon start up:

  1. Open System Preference from the Apple menu.

  2. Select Accounts.

  3. Select your login account.

  4. Click the Login Items tab.

  5. Click + then browse and select the PCClient application by browsing to the Applications folder.

  6. Test by restarting the computer. The client should start automatically after the reboot and log in procedure is complete.

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